Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The slow slog

I had a realization the other day.

The first 'event' I tackled was a marathon. Back in 2005. With TNT. That was my first athletic endeavor. No, I don't mean as an adult. I pretty much mean....ever. So I started being athletic as an adult. And I started with a marathon. And I started off with the slow slog.....just make it to the finish line.

The next year? Yeah, another marathon. As well as some 1/2 marathons. And maybe some 5ks or 10ks here and there. I'm not sure what 2007 brought...more 1/2 marathons, and getting started in tris, I think. Then in 2008, I jumped into tri with both feet and did a 1/2 iron. And this year, yeah, well, a bit off the deep end with not one, but two iron distances races.

Slow slogging. Pretty much for my entire athletic experience.

While I'm looking forward to Kona...I mean seriously...it's KONA...I am *really* looking forward to digging in next year and getting some speed in these old legs of mine. I mean, I've never really concentrated on that. And I'm excited to see what might happen. Work hard. Work on fast. I know it's all relative. I don't think I'll ever win my age group. Well, maybe if I can get a little faster and stay that way until I'm about 60. But I'm excited to see nonetheless. To break out of the slow slog.

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Pamela said...

Just keep thinking positively and you'll do great. We are trying to figure out if we should buy walkie talkies for all of us to communicate while you are competing. Don't know where the good spots are for viewing. If you and Jeff have any ideas let us know.