Friday, April 03, 2009


Today is a rest day from training. Finally.

One week from tomorrow at this time I will hopefully be more than half way to the finish line of my third marathon. A PR would be nice, but I'm really there to run with my brother. And hopefully I can hang with him. I told him if I die to just roll me off to the side and come back for me when he's finished. My longest run was a bit over 17 miles, so another 9 is a looooong way. Truly tho, I think I have a better nutrition plan than I did for my first two marathons. And I think I'm in better shape in general. But I am slow, and being on my feet, running, for that long is just plain tough on the legs and feet.

I checked the 10 day forecast yesterday: 60 degree high and rain showers. Today the 10 day says: 58 degree high and sunny. Just goes to show that the weather predictions 10 days out are still a crap shoot. I'll definitely keep an eye on it as the time gets closer, but I may just pack every running outfit I might conceivably need just to be safe. Might as well get my $15 luggage fee's worth, eh?

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