Friday, August 10, 2007


In preparation for our upcoming 'mini' triathlon on the 18th, Tina and I have cut down our running days and added in a swim day, a spin class day, and a brick day. What is a brick, you ask?

I googled it to see what it actually means, but didn't get a satisfactory answer. One answer was that it's how your legs feel during the workout. The other one says it stands for 'Bike Run Ick.' I like that one. :-) So basically, you do a bike ride followed by a run with as quick a transition as you can manage. It's supposed to get your legs 'used' to the feeling of the transition in a tri. The bike to run transition is tougher on the legs than the swim to bike transition, so that's the one that needs more 'practice.'

Since we're still tri beginners, we've been doing a 5.5 mile bike followed by a 1 mile run. Oh, and we only had 3 weeks between our last 1/2 and our upcoming tri, so there's only so much training we could jam in. :-) I've been impressed that we've been able to keep our pace for the run somewhere between 9:00-10:00. Usually close to right in the middle of 9:30. It's a really weird sensation tho, running on jello legs. Give it a try's fun. ;-)

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Phil said...

thnxs for the breakdown of "brick". I always described how my legs were so sluggish after the bike run, but had to use a gazillion words to describe it.