Sunday, February 11, 2007

Test Run

I took Bam out for a run today. I wanted to test her out while she's still on the medication. This way I can see if it's helping and then compare that to how she is when she goes off the medication. So despite the rainy weekend we headed out for a quick jog.

I didn't want to push her too far the first time out after having had a couple of weeks off. So we did a nice easy 3.5 miles. I was pleased to see that she was at least keeping up, not like the last time I had taken her out and she was lagging way behind. There were a few times when she fell behind, but invariably she was sniffing or digging, or up to no good. And when I called her she caught up. Good sign.

I waited most of the day to see how she would fare, keeping an eye on her when she got up after laying around for a while. No limping at all. That's a good thing. I'll try to take her out once more while she's medicated for a bit more vigorous run and we'll see how that goes.

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