Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Old dog, new meds

I found out today that Bam probably has arthritis in her hips. That's why my poor girl has been limping after runs. Poor baby.

The vet says I can still take her running, but need to watch the distance and if she limps after a run I need to shorten the distance. So, we did a little over 3 miles today and she's limping tonight. Sigh.

I'm supposed to start her on glucosamine and see if that helps. I'll probably also do x-rays of her hips to confirm the diagnosis and see how bad it is.

For now, she's going to get a few weeks off from running. Walks only. Hopefully the glucosamine will help because she is going to be pissed off when she sees me going for runs and I don't take her along! I'll have to learn to sneak out of the house. Or maybe running at lunch at work is a good idea.

Hmmm....wonder how much hip replacement is for a pooch. :-)

1 comment:

fishsprout said...

10k for a hip replacement. Gee, how do you think I know these things? :D