Monday, February 20, 2012

it takes a village

With all my extra time this week (not just a holiday weekend, but rest week to boot), I've been contemplating the cast of thousands that it takes to play at triathlon as I do.

  • ELF:  Goes without saying that she is *key* to all I do.  She writes the script, I play my part.  That's how it is.  Trust the ELF, trust the plan, do the work.  'Nuff said.
  • Heather: Heather is the menu planner.  I worked with her for my last IM(s), she set up my nutrition plan.  This year we're starting a bit earlier and she's setting up plans for some earlier, shorter races so I can get plenty of practice stuffing all that food and fluid in on the bike and run.  You have to fuel to keep the body moving.  She also is good at smacking me upside the head when I cry about wanting to lose more weight.  
  • Curtis and Crew:  The mechanics.  Not just bike fitter, but also PT.  Curtis has really helped me fix some issues with my run form that were causing heel pain.  And now Katie is helping me fix my chronic shoulder issues. Teaching my bad shoulder where it needs to be and how it needs to work.  I definitely needed to get this done prior to heavy IM training loads.  I'm not sure my shoulder would hold up otherwise.
  • The Bicycle Garage:  More mechanics.  Actual mechanics.  They keep my wheels spinning and my gears shifting smoothly.  And it's almost like Cheers when I go there, "Hi Kris, what's up!?"  Of course they also think I'm nuts for, you know, doing other stuff than just riding a bike. :)
  • Family and Friends:  the supporting cast.  I'm so thankful for my family and friends that keep tabs on me, encourage me, and sometimes think I'm nuts.  
  • BHE:  best husband ever.  Not only does he support my craziness, he often comes out to cheer, be my sherpa, and doesn't blink at the somewhat crazy amount of tri stuff that filters into the house.  He recognizes that while I might not win races, I win *my* version of the race.  I'm pushing myself to get stronger and faster and he often tells me how proud of me he is.  Maybe just as importantly he keeps me honest on those days where I may feel like slacking off.  (And no, I don't think I've ever *not* felt better after a swim/bike/run is finished.)
  • BDE:  best dog ever. :)  Helps me relax with daily walks, allows me to live in her house and sleep in one of her beds.  And no matter how bad or good my day has been, I can't help but feel better when this face greets me at the door, most often with a stuffed animal offering, whole body wagging.
I'm cute.  You know I'm cute.


BertiesBakery said...
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BertiesBakery said...

Yup, triathlon is "involved". It might be technically a individual sport, but anyone who has raced competitively knows better :)