Friday, September 17, 2010

Race reviews....or not

No, this isn't my race report from last weekend's half iron race.  And to be honest, I'm not sure that will be in the coming attractions.  It wasn't a great race, nor a crappy one.  It was a good solid effort, with some learning experiences, and I ended up with a 33 minute PR, altho it was a bit slower than I would have liked.  Heh....I can't imagine the day when I'll say something like "I'm completely happy with how that race went."  

A couple of quick points about the HIM

  • the swim was....a swim.  Yes they could've used a few more buoys, but the water was warm and saltless, there was next to no chop, and the only fish I saw were bluegills....which I can't imagine bite very hard at all.
  • the bike course had some pretty crappy surface, but I expected that from having ridden the course a couple of times in training.
  • the run course was on fire roads and single track...again, expected.
  • it was hot,  and yes, that too was expected.
Would I do it again?  If they resurfaced the roads it would be a definite yes.  As it stands, I'd most likely do it again.  I really liked how small the race was, only 168 finishers.  Transition had plenty of space.  The volunteers were amazing.  For me, the things I liked about this race probably outweigh the things I didn't like.  

About race reviews....I had a whole write up in my head, a rant mostly, about race reviews and the things people complain about in them.  I mean...this *is* my blog, right?  I can rant about what ever I want.  But I realized I'm entitled to my opinion and so are those other people.  So, I'm censoring myself with the ranting.  Yes, I know....a sign of maturity or something.....who'd have thought.

Next week we start a more 'run focused' training in prep for the Big Sur half marathon in November.   And I now see a long run on  my schedule for the weekend we're on the big island.  I hope I don't have traumatic flashbacks.  Then again, I should be fine as long as I'm not running in the dark.

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Molly said...

Yep, I think the more you race, the more you learn about what's worth complaining about (like safety) and what we're likely to encounter just about anywhere that we should just HTFU about. But we wouldn't be triathletes if we didn't complain, would we?

Congrats on your PR. Hope you've gotten some nice rest before that run training starts!!!