Thursday, November 22, 2007

Run Turkey Run

I headed out with my cheering section (Jeff) at about 7:15 this morning for the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. I signed up for the 10k even tho last year the organization left something to be desired. I figured it would motivate me to keep moving at least through Thanksgiving.

They must have gotten a ton of complaints since last year, because this year they allowed t-shirt pick-up prior to the race. Last year we had to wait until we finished and by then all that was left was x-large and xx-large. Seriously people, don't you think there are a lot more Sm, Med, and Large people than XXLs? Anywhoo, we arrived at the event to a chilly morning, but it was warming up quickly as the sun rose higher. I headed straight for the t-shirt pickup and scored a small! Schweet. And this year they were a nice navy blue instead of that hideous 'natural' color of last year. Yeah, I'm a t-shirt junkie. :-)

Now we just had to hang around for about an hour for the thing to get going. Eventually starting time arrived, and then passed. Hmmm. Maybe they were waiting for some late registrations. Turns out there were over 6k people running and walking today. Yeah, it seems like it with everyone pressing around the start line. One thing that tweaked me a bit...they had pace signs that said "Runners, 4-5 min/mile", "Joggers, 6-7 min/mile", "Power Walkers, 8-9 min/mile." Are you kidding me?!?!

Finally they started the thing and it took forever for people to spread out, as usual. Once the 5k folks split off it was easier going. The course was the same as last year and I was glad. At least I had a feel for how far I had left to go, which seems to help me get into a rhythm. I was hoping for less than an hour, but thanks to being sick, I hadn't run for over almost 2 weeks. And that rattle in my lungs wasn't too encouraging either. Another bizarre thing...there must have been a huge group of 5k people who started really late, because as I hit the 5 mile marker the crowed pretty much filled the route. So for the last mile or so, I had to dodge around walking walls. How about a little courtesy?? Don't walk 8 people across and block the whole freaking route!

I finally made the finish line and although the 'official' results haven't been posted yet, according to my trusty Garmin....6.3 miles in 58.38. Looks like the rest, even tho I was sick, paid off. Imagine that. :-)

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